Consulting & Training

Does your organization have an issue you want to address? Would you like to improve specific skills of your managers and teams?  

We have 30 years of experience providing consulting and training services that address our clients’ needs, generate long-lasting results and is cost-effective. Consultation and training can take the form of a one-on-one session, a small participatory workshop, a management retreat, a large group seminar, or a series of sessions conducted over a period of time.

The methodology depends on your needs and preferences as well as the format and content of the session, but can involve group facilitation, lecture and discussion, teamwork and competition, role playing and critique, audio and video recording.  It can entail handouts and workbooks, needs assessments and company evaluations, reading requirements and personal plans for improvement. It can also entail personality, management, communication, and team assessments.  Each program is designed with the client and budget in mind.

Our programs include, but are not limited to:

Leadership and Management

Strategic Planning
Defining your organization’s vision and mission; developing guiding principles; conducting an environmental analysis; determining opportunities and threats; developing goals and objectives, strategies and action plans.

Goal & Objective Setting
Developing long-term goals and achievable objectives.

Managing Change
Helping the executive or manager guide the work group through a time of significant organizational change, while maintaining productivity and morale.

Leadership Skills
Understanding differences between leadership and management; learning your leadership style; setting a direction; and motivating people.

Managerial and Coaching Skills
Developing the skills to motivate and manage the efforts of those people who work for you.

Team Building
Identifying characteristics and benefits of effective teamwork, learning how to overcome obstacles to teamwork in your organization, and building effective communication.

Supervisory Skills
Understanding and executing the transition from individual contributor to entry-level supervisor.

Delegation Skills
Learning to effectively transfer responsibility and authority to an employee.

Holding Effective Meetings
Learning to plan, coordinate, and conduct effective business meetings.

Time Management
Understanding and overcoming time wasters with an analysis of causes and development of solutions.

Stress Management
Learning specific skills and techniques that reduce negative stress and make positive stress work for you.

Conflict Management
Understanding the sources of conflict and learning to manage them successfully.

Critical Thinking
Learning practical critical thinking skills that lead to better problem-solving, well-reasoned decisions, improved strategic thinking, and better planning and implementation.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Communication Skills
Understanding the communication process and personal style to increase interpersonal effectiveness.

Presentation Skills
Building skills in speech and gesture to deliver presentations convincingly, effectively and confidently.

Listening Skills
Learning and practicing the techniques used by the very best listeners, such as restatement, responsiveness and recollecting.

Business Writing
Developing practical skills in writing effective correspondence, memos and reports.

Training Skills
Developing training programs and skills to best meet the needs of participants — and management.

Facilitation Skills
Understanding a variety of techniques for actively involving participants to assure greater success in achieving desired meeting or training outcomes.