Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is for all kinds of leaders – those who are “seasoned” and those who are new to leadership roles. Coaching offers a customized, personalized experience to enhance leadership, management and career advancement.  Coaching also enhances understanding of an individual’s leadership style and the impact it has on the organization. Executive coaching creates awareness of strengths and areas for development, providing honest, constructive and confidential feedback. It also delivers goal setting and action planning around significant issues which may impede effectiveness.


Executive Coaching can address a multitude of skills such as:

  • leadership

  • management

  • strategic planning

  • critical thinking

  • team building

  • conflict management

  • communication

  • public speaking

  • change management

  • productivity

  • career development

  • work-life balance


Designed for

  • High Potentials who have been identified as future organizational leaders

  • Leaders who are experiencing change such as promotion, stretch assignments and new challenges

  • New Leaders with great promise who need guidance and skills building

  • Successful Leaders who want to sharpen their skills


Coaching Outcomes

  • Knowledge of leadership strengths and development areas

  • Sharpened skills and new levels of performance

  • Increased confidence and leadership capabilities and opportunities for advancement

  • Potential for having a significant impact on the long-term success of the organization

Please keep in mind — Coaching requires significant work to achieve client goals.  The coach serves as a partner and guide.  To optimize results, successful clients commit both time and effort to affect positive change.


Coaching Format

  • Sessions are available bi-weekly (60 minutes) or weekly (30 minutes).

  • Coaching can be conducted by phone or in person.

  • Custom-designed programs are available to accommodate challenging schedules.


Program Length

  • Most coaching engagements are six-to-twelve months, with the understanding that additional coaching may further enhance benefits and performance.