Our Executive Coaching Process

Our typical executive coaching process is described below.  Keep in mind, the program and process may change based on the needs of our individual clients.


1. Define objectives and determine compatibility.

  • Client and Coach meet to determine compatibility.

  • Coaching goals and objectives are discussed.

  • Roles and responsibilities are clarified


2. Administer assessments, provide feedback and set goals.

  • Assessments are administered based on client needs.

    • (E.g., 360-degree feedback, MBTI, CPI 260, TKI, Needs & Values).

  • Client and Coach meet in person at Client’s office.

  • Day 1:

    • Coach shadows Client, observing him/her in the work setting.

    • Coach conducts confidential, in-person interviews of key stakeholders.

  • Day 2:

    • Client and Coach meet for assessment feedback and program goal setting.

    • Client strengths, development areas, challenges and preferences are identified.


3. Address challenges and learn new skills.

  • Based on client goals, an Individual Development Plan (IDP) is created; a tool to help the Client focus on what he or she wants to change. Changes are tracked and progress is measured.

  • Coach offers guidance and assignments.

  • Client learns new ways to address challenges.

  • IDP progress is monitored regularly and goals and strategies are revised and updated along the way.


4. Evaluate progress and define future action.

  • Client progress is measured throughout the coaching program.

  • Key stakeholders are surveyed to determine progress.

  • Client reviews IDP, noting successes and areas that need continued development.

  • IDP is updated for future reference.

  • Determination is made if additional coaching will be of value.