Presentation Skills Coaching

Does the thought of delivering a presentation give you the jitters?

Whether you want to overcome your fear of public speaking or fine-tune your skills, Presentation Skills Coaching will enhance your ability to speak more effectively — with confidence and impact.

Presentation Skills Coaching is an individualized program designed to improve the delivery of presentations by increasing knowledge and skills of effective presentations, evaluating individual strengths and development areas, and creating a structured plan for improvement. It involves video-recording, critique and practice. Participants work with both original and prepared presentations to fine tune the “4 C’s” of an effective presenter: command of material, conviction about message, compatibility with audience, and communication skills. Through coaching, individuals become more self-assured and more effective speakers.

Although many people have taken a public speaking class, most have not had the opportunity to watch themselves deliver a presentation.  The recording sessions are a vital factor in the coaching.  You can’t improve your skills until you pinpoint your weaknesses, and the video-recording provides the opportunity to do that.

The ability to speak confidently and persuasively in public is a benefit to anyone who wants to take an active role in the workplace or in the community. Whether it is speaking in a staff meeting or making a presentation before a board, good presentation skills are linked to personal and career advancement. In essence, if you get so nervous that you are unable to deliver an important message to your colleagues or present the benefits of your product to potential clients, you will not be chosen to represent them. No matter how brilliant you are; if you can’t communicate your ideas, no one will ever be able to assess your expertise or what you can contribute. Poor presentation skills are a liability.

“The most helpful part of the program with Liebold was being able to see my presentation on video and having it critiqued.”

University President

“One of the most beneficial aspects of the coaching was the identification of specific presentation skills I personally need to work on.”

Corporate Senior Vice President

Designed For:

  • Executives, Managers, Team Leaders

  • Sales and Account Service people

  • Professionals

  • Community Leaders

  • Anyone who delivers a presentation—to the public, a board of directors, a client, a prospect, a boss, colleagues, and friends


Coaching Outcomes: 

  • Enhanced communication skills

  • Ability to inform, persuade and engage an audience

  • Ability to handle questions and objections

  • Increased confidence and self-esteem


Coaching Format:

  • Client and coach determine desired outcomes for the coaching engagement.

  • Coaching can be one-on-one or consist of a small group (2-3) individuals working with the coach.

  • Coaching includes video-recording, critique and practice.

  • Coaching can be arranged at the site of your choosing.


Program Length:

  • Coaching can vary in length, depending upon the needs of the client.

  • Most coaching engagements are three to six months, with the understanding that further coaching may be beneficial.