Whether it's finetuning leadership skills, managing change, dealing with conflict,

creating a plan for the future, or addressing another issue, contact us.  We'd love to talk to you!



Executive Coaching is for all kinds of leaders – those who are “seasoned” and those who are new to leadership roles. Coaching offers a customized, personalized experience to enhance leadership, management and career advancement.

Team Coaching is for teams that want to improve communication, understanding and collaboration in order to function more effectively within the organization.  

Career Coaching is for those seeking a career that reflects their interests, utilizes their strengths and talents, and inspires them to peak performance.  Through coaching, individuals gain the personal insights, strategies, skills and self-confidence that will motivate and empower them to find a career and job they love.

Presentation Skills Coaching

Whether you want to overcome your fear of public speaking or fine-tune your skills, Presentation Skills Coaching will enhance your ability to speak more effectively — with confidence and impact.

consulting & training

Does your organization have an issue you want to address? Would you like to improve specific skills of your managers and teams?  

We have 30 years of experience providing consulting and training services that address our clients’ needs, generate long-lasting results and is cost-effective.


Do you ever find yourself stuck – unable to deal with a particularly difficult issue or to move forward through a time of change? 

Our professional facilitators work with boards, teams and work groups to identify key issues, create agendas for dealing with those issues and implement strategies to address those issues to affect positive change.