Team Coaching

Team Coaching is for teams that want to improve communication, understanding and collaboration in order to function more effectively within the organization.  Effective teams are energized by their ability to work together.  They are made up of people who are fully committed to a high level of productivity and who care about how each member feels during the work process.  Teams that “work” can help their organization achieve amazing results and have a dramatic effect on organizational performance.

A successful team must be carefully and deliberately developed over time.  It must regularly scrutinize its systems and practices and work hard and patiently to eliminate behaviors which block or inhibit the team’s performance.  Our team coaching begins with a thorough assessment and then utilizes feedback and a targeted coaching process that helps teams take advantage of their strengths and overcome their limitations.


Designed for:

  • Executive and management teams

  • Teams that are newly forming and want to quickly gain footing and become productive as soon as possible

  • Existing teams that need revitalization and struggling teams that need guidance and support on how to become more effective

  • Teams that want the benefit of working with an external coach


Coaching Outcomes:

  • Increased cooperation by better understanding other team members’ preferences and work styles

  • Improved comprehension of how the team processes, uses, and communicates information

  • Increased awareness of how different individuals impact the team

  • Enhanced understanding of how an effective team process work


Coaching Format:

  • Team and coach determine desired outcomes for the coaching engagement.

  • Team participates in several assessments that identify the team’s strengths and areas that need development.

  • Coach facilitates team progress by challenging and supporting team members through face-to-face and telephone coaching sessions, depending on the team’s needs.

  • Team coaching can be arranged at the site of your choosing


Program Length:

  • Team Coaching engagements vary in length, depending on the needs and goals of the team. The program may be a one-day session or a series of sessions over a period of time.