What Our Clients Say

Executive Coaching

Linda is there to help me evaluate each decision…she doesn’t tell me what to do…she guides me through my decision-making process. Are they the right decisions…yes, because they are MY decisions based on my needs, expectations, and goals. What I love is that Linda asks the hard questions that must be asked…she does not skirt around the issue…she addresses it and makes you think, ponder and consider all aspects. She recalls every conversation. She will not let you off the hook…but she doesn’t let you squirm either.

— Director, National Public Broadcasting Organization

One of the greatest benefits of executive coaching was having a skilled coach listen, help clarify and put in perspective my issues and goals. With her guidance, I developed a list of goals, a program to address those goals and a system to monitor my progress and accomplishments. Without coaching, these issues would not have been effectively clarified nor a concerted and thoughtful program implemented to address them.

— Vice President, National Energy Corporation

Just a quick note to tell you how profitable I found my time working with you.Thank you so much for your leadership and guidance. I have already started some of the preliminary work on my strategic plan. It is exciting for me to feel that I am starting to have the skills and problem-solving abilities to address a long-range plan. It is something we have desperately needed.

— Director, Non-Profit Organization

As a result of coaching, my supervisor noticed a significant positive change in me and my team. I have become a better communicator and team leader. Morale has improved greatly, as has productivity. Perhaps the most valuable behavior that I have learned — and continue to develop —  is to listen attentively to others and to think clearly before responding. The most beneficial part about our coaching was that it was private. Coaching conversations were not shared with others unless agreed upon. This allowed me to truly be myself during our sessions. This cannot happen with an internal corporate coach.

— Manager, National Manufacturing Corporation

Team Coaching

Linda established a very comfortable atmosphere for exchange of ideas and methods. She was enthusiastic and demonstrated a concern for individual situations and responded appropriately. She kept the session moving in a positive, productive direction.

— Division Head, Medical Center

Linda managed the group well and kept us on target. Her approach and style were not only professional, but motivating and encouraging as well. We also appreciated her honesty and directness!

— Manager, Non-Profit Organization

Career Coaching

I lost my job and, in my search, to figure out what I wanted to do…I became completely frozen. I was spinning my wheels and going nowhere fast. Gently, Linda energized me and got me moving.

The MBTI helped me better understand my personality type and natural preferences and why some jobs had left me feeling so stifled. Linda helped me concentrate on viable career options and what I could do. I became more confident about myself and my skills and realized I would be able to figure out my next steps. I was able to prioritize and become more realistic about how to meet my very real financial needs without sacrificing my soul. I could not be where I am professionally without Linda’s guidance.

— Manager, International Consulting Firm

I want to take this opportunity – coming directly after the Board Planning Conference – to thank you for all the work you have done in getting us to this point with the Action Plan. The process has been enlightening and extremely valuable to the entire staff. We have learned a great deal not only about where we are going in the next year and beyond but about where we have been and how we got there. Your facilitation of the process has been invaluable. We simply could not have done it without you.

— President, National Educational Telecommunications Association

Linda is an excellent facilitator.  In fact, she’s one of the best I have ever encountered. She developed an agenda that specifically met our Board of Director’s needs; encouraged participation by all; helped us focus on what was really important; and enabled us to accomplish an amazing amount in a one-day meeting. We certainly will call on Linda next time we need a professional facilitator. 

— President, State Chamber of Commerce

Linda developed a program that specifically met our Board of Directors’ needs. She encouraged participation by all, helped us focus on what was really important, and enabled us to accomplish an amazing amount in a one-day meeting.

— Board Chair, Non-Profit Foundation

Meeting Facilitation

Contracting with Linda is an investment in success! Her knowledge of and experience with strategic planning, marketing, development, promotion, and advertising have been invaluable assets. Her engaging manner and overall leadership techniques contribute to her effectiveness as a presenter. When we consult with Linda, we often get more positive results than expected.

— C.E.O, Washington DC Consulting Firm

Two aspects of the Liebold style particularly impressed my colleagues and me. First is Linda’s real, earnest concern for my needs. She insists on knowing enough about our business and our project to respond precisely to what we require. She does this person-to-person, so I always know I am being taken care of. Second, she knows strategic planning, marketing and communication. Her writing is superb and right on target. She is a real professional. I give my personal and highest recommendation to Linda for anyone who wants exceptional value for their consulting dollar. 

— President, National Consulting Firm


The Executive Presentation Skills Training program was excellent! The three half-day sessions worked very well. It gave us time to practice our presentations in between sessions. The information presented, as well as the hand-outs provided, were exactly what we needed. Perhaps the most valuable part of the sessions was the video-recorded role plays and critiques. How often do you get to see yourself present? We could immediately determine our presentation strengths and the areas that needed improvement. The training program helped me to become a much more confident and better speaker.

— Director, County Government Agency

The tele-workshop was great! Just perfect for me because it was so convenient and enabled me to take time out of my day to discuss and contemplate the issues bothering me most. I got more out of your one-hour tele-workshop than I did in the seven-hour seminar I attended yesterday! I would certainly consider participating in a future tele-workshop.

— Participant, National Professional Association

Thanks so much for the powerful presentation at the Utilization Conference. Good mix; good pace; good amount of participation by those attending. The evaluations showed that your sessions were often regarded as “the most important for me."

— Director, National Public Broadcasting Organization


Coaching has helped me understand that others do not react or process information at the same speed I do. I need to give them time to think about the information before expecting a response from them. Doing this leads to a greater reward for me: improved outcome. I also learned that I need to deliver information and data in a way preferred by the audience (mostly my staff). Some prefer brainstorming activities and verbal instructions, while others prefer something writing 24-48 hours prior to a meeting. (I am an ESTP!) Coaching has improved my relations with staff, team morale and productivity!

— Manager, National Manufacturing Company

Coaching gave me many insights as to my strengths and areas to develop in order to be a better manager and team player. I am doing a much better job of listening to others. I am no longer responding immediately. I am taking more time to think  before speaking. (Difficult for an ENTJ!) I am also more aware of the importance of trying to gain consensus on issues and am more able to do so. 

—  Director, National Energy Corporation

Coaching & Assessments